Want to make money from Cheap International Calls?

Phonestar’s cheap international call service now covers virtually every country around the world. We’re looking for popular and talented agents to help spread the service.

We would provide you with your own range of access numbers with the last 4 digits unique to you (and chosen by you subject to availability), and a keyword to work with our mobile short-code top-up service.

These access numbers are all 0843, 0872 or 0913 access numbers and are set up through Ofcom based on BT price points.

For every call via your numbers you would earn a rebate/commission, which varies based on the price of the call.  For the text service there is a rebate of 50p per top-up text sent with your unique keyword.

All you would need to do is build pages on your website advertising your numbers and the service, making sure the rates for calls are kept up to date via the live feeds which are available in both XML and RSS format.

We are also able to set up a Cheap International Calls for Language Schools and University service.

Some agents choose to target a specific area, e.g. Cheap calls to India.

If you’re interested simply email tom@phonestar.co.uk or call 0844 243 0236.

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What you say

BT can keep their international services – from now on and I’ll be using phonestar to dial abroad.

Shaun Crowther