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Phonestar - Making 0800 Numbers Accessible And Easier 12 May 2024
There are plenty of reasons why you might need to set up a new telephone number for others to call you on. You might be running a business and looking to help customers keep in touch with you for free. Or, you might have friends or family who are away from home, low on phone battery, or who are in prison and want to save money on calling the people who matter most to them.

PhoneStar is unveiling a brand new phone number service – where you can claim a new 0800 number – and give your callers a free way to get in touch with you.

How do 0800 numbers work?

Setting up a freephone service through PhoneStar means you get to keep your existing landline or mobile phone number, but allow people to reach you through an 0800 line instead.

0800 freephone numbers do exactly what they suggest – they allow callers to have conversations without paying for the privilege. That cost falls to you, but only at a rate of 7p per minute when pointing to a landline and 9p per minute when pointing to a mobile – meaning while you foot the bills for anyone calling these numbers, you benefit from an increased interest in your business.

What’s more, through PhoneStar, there’s no need to tie yourself to a long-term contract. Simply top up with £5, and you can start sharing your new 0800 number with friends, family, or clients and customers. You choose!

Pointing numbers and topping up

Our 0800 number services point directly toward landline and mobile numbers of your choice, meaning you don’t have to set up brand new lines from scratch. Simply use our online portal to tell us where you’d like the 0800 number to point to, and any calls made to it will redirect to your existing line.

That means you don’t have to muddle around with extra contracts or admin. In fact, you don’t even have to worry about using a separate app or any other clunky programs.

We take care of the setup and maintenance for you. All for the low rate for the calls made to your new number, it’s easy to budget ahead of time and let the 0800 number run until your minutes are used up.

It’s just like a top-up service – once you’re out of minutes, simply add at least £5 credit to keep people calling through. It really couldn’t be easier!

And with PhoneStar, you won’t even need to pay for setup or monthly fees, either. Take advantage!

Why this service makes sense for businesses

As a business owner, you’re already pitching and marketing your services here, there, and everywhere – and if you’re growing your business from a small firm, it makes sense to grab hold of as many marketing and advertising supports as you can.

With an 0800 number, you give your customers an extra reason to get in touch and invest in your services. After all, no one wants to spend more money than they have to just to speak to customer services or sales!

Instead of expecting to shell out for a national or premium rate call, your customer can get in touch with customer service, tech support or other, without spending a penny.

It might not seem like much of a plus point, but think about how annoyed you’d be if you had a complaint only to find you had to pay extortionate rates just to speak to someone over the phone!

With a business freephone 0800 number, you foot the bill – it’s a cost-effective way to promote your firm and usher more people into your business. That, and you only ever have to spend money when it comes time to top up your credit.

Why get an 08 number for home use?

In some cases, your friends or family might not be able to call your landline – or, they might face large fees to do so.

Setting up an 0800 number in the event of having someone call you from within prison, for example, saves your loved ones from having to pay out of their allowance just to speak to you.

Plus, you don’t even have to top up too much for regular calls from prison. That means you can keep this one hassle off their plate – and it means they can always get through to you even if they’re low on money for the week.

Consider it a nice way to show your support to your family – for example, an 0800 freephone number might be great for the kids to call if they run out of credit, or if your partner runs out of phone battery and needs to use a public line – but doesn’t have change!

It’s a cheaper, easier alternative to reverse call charging – and your loved ones will know they can always call you for free in a pinch!

Scale up with more 0800 numbers when you need them

With PhoneStar, you don’t even have to stop there. For an additional £5 setup, you can add an extra 0800 number redirection for a different line.

Say you want to direct calls to your landline through an 0800, but you’re out in the field regularly. Surely, it makes sense to redirect to your mobile number, too!

In which case, add another 0800 number through PhoneStar and you can supply callers and customers with two freephone lines – and, again, you’re only ever paying for the calls they make to you.

This way, your callers are always guaranteed to reach you either via fixed line or when you’re out and about. It’s about giving your callers peace of mind as much as it is about saving them money for the privilege of reaching you!

Get started with your first 0800 freephone number now!

Start saving your callers money on the conversations they have with you – whether you’re running a business or just trying to keep the family in touch!

It’s never been easier to set up your own 0800 numbers, and with PhoneStar, you can get started in a matter of minutes – from just a £5 top-up.

Take a look at our online setup form and start spreading a little kindness – with your own freephone line!
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