PhoneStar* – Home to the Cheapest International Calls

Our simple to use dial-around service works from any UK phone, and our international calls start from a staggeringly low 1p a minute (plus your phone providers access charge).

Our latest out of this world pricing

  1. Cheap calls to Australia

    Australia (From 2p a minute)

  2. Cheap calls to South Africa

    South Africa (From 7p a minute)

  3. Cheap calls to France

    France (From 2p a minute)

  4. Cheap calls to Germany

    Germany (From 2p a minute)

  5. Cheap calls to India

    India (From 2p a minute)

  6. Cheap calls to Poland

    Poland (From 2p a minute)

  7. Cheap calls to Spain

    Spain (From 1p a minute)

  8. Cheap calls to the USA

    USA (From 2p a minute)

  • How to start making these international cheap calls

    Sounds good? Here are some examples: phone the USA for 2p a minute (plus your phone providers access charge), and that’s 24/7. Make the same call with BT and you’ll pay 45p a minute! Or why not make a cheap call to India for only 2p a minute (plus your phone providers access charge)… (it’s 75p with BT). Or call Germany for 2p a minute (plus your phone providers access charge)… (it’s 75p a minute with you know who!)

    Seriously, it could hardly be any easier. All you have to do is get the PhoneStar* international access number for the country you want to call.

  • There are no hidden fees, no PINs and no registration

    Just dial our access number followed by the full overseas number starting with the international country code as usual (you’ll hear a voice prompt to help you). Then you can chat away to your heart’s content knowing the call is costing a tiny fraction of what you’d normally expect to pay.

    The call appears on your bill in the normal way but you’ll see the PhoneStar* number rather than the international number. And you’ll be delighted by the cost without a doubt.


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